2017 BMW X2 Changes, Price

Crossover SUV is a hot segment in the automobile industry and everyone, including the German behemoths to the Korean contenders, wants a slice of it! German iconic carmaker BMW was reportedly making a crossover since 2011. However, it was only in late 2015 the much-touted car made an appearance. In fact, the much talked about BMW X2 SUV hit the streets in heavily camouflaged form, twice. It is designed to complete BMW’s of the X-badged lineup of SUVs. It will be positioned after the X6 and the X4 coupe crossovers.

2017 BMW X2 - side

2017 BMW X2 – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The BMW X2 Crossover resembles the X1 to an extent as far as exterior design goes. The 2017 BMW X2, however, lacks quarter window of the X1. It will still have a sloping roofline and identical front bumper. Like the X1, the BMW X2 borrows many design elements from bigger siblings X3 and X5. The twin-kidney grille and sleek long headlamps are there. The bigger air intakes placed beneath the grille gives the vehicle a somewhat aggressive look. The rear windscreen of 2017 BMW X2 is shorter than that of X1. The same can be said about its tailgate section. Overall it does look wider than the X1 and has a sportier appeal. The narrow and angular shaped headlamps lend the front an angry look. It would come in both 3 and 5 door versions.


The interior of BMW X2 2017 should resemble that of X1. The AC vents, dashboard, and 7 speakers audio framework are the same. The steering wheel is wrapped in cowhide and looks gorgeous. Some customizations can be possible including a panoramic moonroof and an upgraded 12-speaker Harman Kardon speaker unit. While standard sets come with cloth wrapping but buyers can choose to get leather upholstery. While the legroom will be adequate at rear row, the sloping hood design will result in reduced headroom at the rear section. This will have an impact on luggage section too. As opposed to the X4 which was criticized for lack of cabin space, the 2017 BMW X2 will have a spacious interior. The elongated body indicates the cargo area will be bigger as well.

The entry-level model will get grey matte trim in the cabin. However, the top end models get natural wood accents. The sport models get Alcantara leather inserts as well as aluminum accents. The BMW X2 has carbon fiber and similar materials for enhanced ruggedness and reduced weight. This not only makes the Crossover lighter but also more fuel-efficient. The giant alloy wheels tackle varying terrains with ease. The German carmakers are particular about equipping their cars with top-notch safety spec and features. The 2017 BMW X2 will not be an exception to this trend. Its set of active safety systems is impressive. You get safety features like dynamic stability control, electronic differential lock, and dynamic traction control. The tech features from X4 are expected here too.

2017 BMW X2 - interior

2017 BMW X2 – Powered for Efficiency

The 2017 BMW X2 will have both petrol and diesel engines and one hybrid unit will also be released, as per the latest updates. The diesel version will get a 2. 0-liter engine while the base petrol version will get a 1.5-liter engine which is rated at 136 HP. There will be a higher capacity 2-liter petrol variant too. The diesel engines will reportedly have three variants with an output of 188,150 and 231 HP. The car will reach zero to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. The models will come with both AWD and FHD. The UK and US versions are likely to have slightly different engine configurations in all possibility. Another M performance model will be offered later.

2017 BMW X2 - rear

2017 BMW X2 – Pricing and Availability

The final price of the X2 Crossover by BMW is not revealed yet. However, industry experts assume it would be prudent that BMW positions and prices it slightly higher than the X1 which starts at $34800. The entry-level 2017 BMW X2 trim may be priced at $37000 or so. It is likely to be released late in 2016 after the company showcases the model in a few major car shows. It may even actually be released in early 2017. BMW has ambitious plans to have models in all segments of competitive crossover SUV segment in the near future.

From the X1 Sports Cross to take on Nissan Juke to Mighty X7 that can dethrone Range Rover, it has got plenty of contenders. The 2017 BMW X2 then will be positioned middle of the line. The X2 can compete directly with Land Rover’s smallest crossover aka the Range Rover Evoque. The Evoque, however, will be costlier than the 2017 BMW X2 in all probability when the latter is released. BMW X2 2017 has the potential to lure customers eyeing premium crossovers at more affordable prices. If it is priced rightly, the compact Crossover will sell like hotcakes in various markets.

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