2017 BMW X4 M40I Review, Release Date

Completion in the automotive world, especially in sport utility vehicles, is growing stiffer as each and every auto manufacturer is working round the clock to provide its market with quality high performing vehicle prototypes. Detroit auto show recently was a battleground as different companies released their best concepts as well as models. It’s at this show that the Germany auto manufacturer BMW unveiled the 2017 BMW X4 M40I. The vehicle is still in its development stages. However, there have been images from the company before the official release of this model.

2017 BMW X4 M40I - front

2017 BMW X4 M40I – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The exterior of the 2017 BMW X4 M40I will be a superb luxury vehicle with an eye appealing design. The front fascia is boosted with an all fresh brand new 3D headlights as well as LED-based indicators. The bonnet will also get a touch of refreshment as will feature upraised margins. The vehicle’s tires are 18” accompanied with high-quality aluminum alloy rims. One of the exceptional outside elements of this vehicle might be a gigantic percent of the body being made utilizing solid strong yet light materials, for example, high performing aluminum, steel as well as carbon fiber. This decrease in weight will result in the vehicle displaying an improvement in fuel consumption rate and having the ability to move faster. The pace of the 2017 BMW X4 M40I should be further improved by the vehicle having an inclining shape that might assume a noteworthy role in getting rid of the drag. The rear of this vehicle might likewise experience a few upgrades including the extraordinary L molded tail lights being made more obvious. The 2017 BMW X4 will likewise get a cutting edge double pipe exhaust system that will make it look more exquisite.


The interior of the 2017 X4 M40I has also been refreshed giving it an elegant atmosphere. The seats are covered with a high-quality leather material. There will likewise be an upgraded infotainment framework that should be giving quality diversion. Wellbeing will be improved through incorporation of elements. For example, stronger safety belts as well as airbags. Clients of this vehicle might likewise have the capacity to appreciate various connection alternatives including WiFi internet, satellite navigation system, USB ports, advanced cell network and remote Bluetooth which will give the driver opportunity to utilize a hands-free telephone. The inside will be extensive where there will be sufficient travelers and cargo space.

2017 BMW X4 M40I - interior

2017 BMW X4 M40I – Engine and Performance

Under the hood, an improved type of the N55 engine will be the powerhouse of the 2017 BMW X4 M40I. The engine will be a double turbocharged six cylinders inline 4 cycle engine. Additionally, the engine will have a maximum power output of 360 hp with a torque of 343 pounds per feet. This engine will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission system. The power produced will be connected to all wheel drive. Furthermore, the BMW X4 M40I 2017 acceleration will hit 0 to 60 miles in an approximate time of 4.7 seconds. The vehicles top speed is recorded at 155 mph of which is limited electronically.

2017 BMW X4 M40I - rear

2017 BMW X4 M40I – Expected MSRP and Availability

Despite the fact that there is no official date set for the release of the 2017 BMW X4 M40I, speculations are that it will hit showrooms between the last quarter of 2016. The first quarter of 2017 as its pricing will start from $58,000

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