2017 BMW X6 Redesign, Price

The new 2017 BMW X6 comes with major technological improvements and a more attractive look in design and performance. This new model will include advanced characteristics together with major improvements with the 2008 release of the same model. To compete in the modern car market there is additionally more technological changes in this make and model.

2017 BMW X6 - front

2017 BMW X6 – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The exterior feature is borrowed from the BMW X5 model. The materials used to make its body is very light and strong giving it a less reduced net weight of about 50 pounds. The impact of this weight is that the car moves much faster while it economizing on fuel. Additional, it is reinforced with brand new sporty lights for better visibility and an attractive back bumper. The exterior looks much proportion increased by 1.8 inches in the whole length. Its wheels have a perfect grip thanks to its rolling stock available on the outside of the supercar realm. It also has super sport tires sized 285/35ZR-21 and 11.5 inch rear wheels wearing.


The interior look will have a much more diverse features that guarantee the user comfort and convenience in driving. Its dashboard has an LCD screen which controls its modern infotainment system. Apart from that, it consists of the dual zone climate control system for temperature control of the vehicle. Moreover, it’s spacious with seats protected by leather together with safety airbags. Its interior has an electronic safety control (ESC) and Roll Stability Control (RSC) which ensures its safety.

2017 BMW X6 - interior

2017 BMW X6 – Modification under the Hood

The 2017 BMW X6 has a turbocharged intercooler DOHC 24-valve inline-6, aluminum block and head, direct fuel injection. It has three options of operation using an automated eight-speed transmission. The main engine in the car will have a 3.0-liter twin turbo 6 cylinders diesel motor that will deliver 300 hp and 1000 pound-feet of torque having an optimum output of 320 hp and 310 pound-feet of torque. Its electric motor power comes from a lithium-ion battery used by the car. The vehicles enable high level of fuel efficiency. This powerful engine is also offered with a rear-wheel drive. Its performance can be well tuned ensuring that BMW X6 2017 goes faster in more than just a straight line while cloaking its heft in corners pretty well.

2017 BMW X6 - rear

2017 BMW X6 – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2017 BMW X6 having some important changes, though not much significant is expected to come with almost the same features and specifications. The exterior design will not feature any modification coming with the identical styling of the cabin with brand new materials. The tested price will be around $115,150 with a base price of $103,050 and it is predicted to be released before the end of 2016. The main difference the 2017 BMW X6 with other models is the materials used with a slight improvement in its infotainment system. Apart from that, the make will be almost the same as the 2016 model. With the quoted price above the 2017 X6 is probably worth your money with all its amazing features and its fuel efficiency feature.

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