2017 Citroen DS5 Review, Price

The 2017 Citroen DS5 car will come fully furnished and refined with technology that will feature a completely new look and a redesigned shape that is modern and keeps up with the latest trend. The stunning design will have a great performance, powerful engine, and superb fuel consumption.

2017 Citroen DS5 - front

Stylish Exterior Design and Improved Interiors of the 2017 Citroen DS5

The 2017 Citroen DS5 has been designed with great precision and comes with a new front end that has LED technology and xenon. The vertical grille with Ds monogrammed gives the Citroen DS5 2017 a classy look. The body is a bit slender and with wide wheels to make the car aggressive on the road. The body has also been made with a strong material to withstand rough handling. The windows and side mirror are made with good technology to shield the drive from direct sunlight and allow certain light to regulate temperatures. The headlights totally look different from the previous model; they have been made a little large.


The seats are well designed and made with quality material that offers more comfort. The seats are completely adjusted with safety belts for safety. Both the front seat and back ones have enough space for your legs and head. This is an improvement from the previous car. The front part of the drive has an LCD screen that is bigger and great with navigation data for the driver. It is wide enough for all passengers to read and gives great graphics. The grayish color adds flavor and make the car likable. The control panel is spruce up with technology that captures the overall design of the car. It has infotainment located and ports for your gadget for charging or listening to music as you cruise down the lanes. The steering wheel is made with a fine material for the hand and offers better grip for the long hours drive. The dashboard of 2017 DS5 is made with the great framework to capture the theme of a smooth ride. The cargo area is not that large but it is within the limits that you have all your luggage inside. Lastly, the designer paid attention to safety by having airbags that pop up in emergency and navigation that gives direction to the driver on main highways. You will get timely data on the path and direction that you ought to take when you are driving. It also has a cooling effect in the car that is able to regulate temperatures while you are driving.

2017 Citroen DS5 - interior

2017 Citroen DS5 – Engine Specifications

The engine is more upscale than all previous models; it comes with more powertrain with a hybrid engine that is made for speed. The engine will support petrol with a unit of 1.6-liter turbo; that is making a minimum of 200 hp. The hack back of the 2017 Citroen DS5 will also receive a diesel option that will feature 115 hp and it will come with a displacement of 1.6-liter and finally it will hold a total litter of 2.0-liter with a four-cylinder which will give an output of 160 hp and it will raise the output to 200 hp.

2017 Citroen DS5 - rear

2017 Citroen DS5 – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

The 2017 Citroen DS5 will be released in the later months of next year and it will go for 56,990 dollars.

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