2017 Lexus RX 450h Design, Release Date

Lexus is a luxury car brand that is widely popular globally. Owning a Lexus is an entitlement that hints at wealth, fashion and high societal status. The Lexus RH is a luxury SUV that is manufactured by the Lexus, which is a branch of Toyota, a Japanese automotive manufacturer. The Lexus Rh has been in production since 1997. The new 2017 Lexus RX 450h is one of the branded Lexus that is large premium hybrid-powered SUV. It is newly styled with revamped interior and engines that are of high efficiency. The all-new 2017 Lexus RX 450h is a luxury crossover vehicle that is sure to heat up the automobile industry.

2017 Lexus RX 450h - front

2017 Lexus RX 450h – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

On the exterior, the new 2017 Lexus RX 450h is slimmer with strongly built indoor space. The HID head lights outline is unique as compared to its older versions. The car has been built with mist lights for better viewing in bad weather conditions such as during drizzling or in cloudy conditions. The back of the all-new Lexus RX 450h features the tail lights that are sharper that give the car a fine look. Changes have been made on the new Lexus with the nineteen-inch wheels. The wheels are utilizing elite tires which are wrapped to enhance the driving. The LED headlights, bumper, and structure will be used. Aluminum is used to reduce the overall weight.


On the interior, the car is plush leather all over that just amps up the game. The steering wheels feel plusher. The leather is of high quality and the seats are luxurious, adjustable and comfortable. The car comes with choices of 2 or 3 column of seats so that the car can adjust up to 5 to 7 individuals. So, the indoor of the car will be spacious with extra load space on the back of the last column seats. It features a 7-inch show and refined components on the dashboard. The SUV also accompanies a better infotainment, enhanced security qualities, and a zonal HVAC framework. It features an enhanced audio system. The touch screen on the dashboard is larger for better navigation.

2017 Lexus RX 450h - interior

2017 Lexus RX 450h – Powered for Efficiency

The 2017 Lexus RX 450h has such advanced engine that when you fire up the engine, it is noiseless due to its powerful electric motor. The Lexus will be defined by 3.5-liters V6 + 123 kW electric motor with the delivery power of about 259 hp. The engine is constructed with the six cylinder VVTi that ignites with two electrical motors that work on gasoline. It is built with a six rate auto transmitter and adjustable power to each tire. The torque that the engine provides is 317 Nm and the wheel drive comes with six-speed car hybrid transmission. The overall weight is 2,700 kg that accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in 7.9 seconds. The SUV has better fuel power, a good mileage, and improved speed.

2017 Lexus RX 450h - rear

2017 Lexus RX 450h – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2017 Lexus RX 450h is to be released at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. The price of new model is expected to be around $53,000 but it is yet to be verified officially. The Lexus RX 450h 2017 is the epitome of luxury, of high-class design and super efficiency. It comes with the refined exterior, plush interior, and enhanced performance.

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