2017 Mazda Cx-5 Changes, Fuel Economy, Price

Making a choice between a SUV and a sports car is indeed difficult but Mazda has an answer to this problem, and it arrives with the name of 2017 Mazda Cx-5. What’s makes this car stand out from its predecessors? Well, that has to be its far improved performance. The 2017 Mazda Cx5 has always been the top-selling model in its segment, and once again, with family friendly features and absolutely stupefying looks, the car is coming prepared to take the roads by storm. Much of the credit goes to this unique SUV’s newly incorporated smart and active engine.

2017 Mazda Cx-5 front

2017 Mazda Cx-5 – Body Styles Changes and other Options

The very term SUV is a reminder of the giant and masculine box-shaped cars with an aggressive front end. That is the typical look of a SUV, however, 2017 Mazda Cx-5 SUV is nothing if not unconventional. It’s a brilliant cross between a SUV and a sporty car and the key feature about its look is its elegance. Mazda was determined to use their new-found designing language with which they’re almost obsessed at this point. This is other than “KODO: the soul of motion” designing language. Hence the body of the car is suave and long, with a not-very-high roof, and therefore looking more slender and elongated. New additions include a turn signal and awesome designed LED headlights which enhance the appearance of the car and visibility at once. Other visual changes would include a redesigned horizontal bar shaped grille, and an all-new bumper in the front end. The 2017 Mazda Cx-5 will look more stylish and trendy this time, but it will not lose its sober and sophisticated touch at any cost, for it is this aspect that makes the car stand-out amongst other SUVs.


The 2017 Mazda Cx-5 has focused on improving the interior on basis of a few selective aspects. For one, an approach was made to increase the interior space and that has been done. With all the space available, a new central console will be visible and latest features like electrical parking brake has released further space. Inside the Mazda Cx, there’s huge place for passengers to settle in and for storage purpose as well.

2017 Mazda Cx-5 interior

Other features which are to found inside the car are:

  • Perfect noise insulation, nullifying a complaint which was faced by its predecessors.
  • A 7 inch display screen.
  • Smartphone and wireless connectivity.
  • Command control system.
  • Bose audio system.
  • Collision warning.
  • Auto breaking system.
  • Traction control, and more safety features.

2017 Mazda Cx-5 – Engine Specifications and Fuel Economy

A 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine generating 155 horsepower along with 150 lb-ft of torque shall be powering the 2017 Mazda Cx-5. It is to be mated with 6-speed auto transmission and it comes with FWD configurations only. All-Wheel Drive configurations will not be available for this particular engine, as reported by sources. Another possible engine could be a 2.5 liter four-cylinder unit generating 184 HP. This one comes with standard FWD configurations and optional AWD system as well. This too shall be coupled with 6-speed auto transmission. StyActive technology makes it fuel-efficient and I-ACTIVESENSE make this mazda cx5 one of the safest for wheelers in the world. The fuel economy is pretty good for a crossover, and it is close to 24 mpg in city and 30 mpg on highway.

2017 Mazda Cx-5 side


It’s a car that holds a top rank in its segment, but its close competitors are:

2017 Mazda Cx-5 – Price and Date of Arrival

The 2017 Mazda Cx-5 is expected to release in the year 2016, but the manufacturers have so far given no hints on the basis of which the release date can be guessed. As for its price, the base version will start off with a price range of $22, 000 and it will naturally go upwards for any sort of customizations.

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