2018 BMW Urban Cross Review, Price

The 2018 BMW Urban Cross is coming soon. The German company BMW has been a long time expert in the SUV market with an incredible ability to seduce the minds of young professionals with their cars so far. This outdoor vehicle is no exception as it hits the road like a pioneer of its kind in a time which the mini-SUV segment on the car market is set to double by the year 2024. In contrast to previous models such as the X1, the 2018 BMW Urban Cross aims to have a more diminutive stature with being less imposing and sleeker. In a market dominated by monster-sized cars, this will set the beat for a new aspect of the SUV’s.

2018 BMW Urban Cross - front

2018 BMW Urban Cross – Changes, Redesign and Concept

The new 2018 BMW Urban Cross will be sporting BMW’s UKKL front-wheel technology which boasts a structure seen underneath the Selection Dynamic Tourer. It will be available in five choices of the third generation black dress hardtop. It is 157 inches longer in width which makes it a comparable competition to the Audi Q1.

A model specifically designed to enable easy navigation and resistance during rainy or misty weather so far. It features a wide wheelbase to offer increased comfort and leg space and also provides a wider track which ensures better control on slippery roads by increasing traction and reducing slippage. The materials used in the manufacturing are lightweight, including for the decorative parts of the exterior of the vehicle. The new solid headlights will allow for much better road brightening.


BMW decided to enchant its customers with cabin features that sport an automatic navigation system which provides 3D map viewing options. The system works along with a satellite to provide accurate directions for the driver. Other important outfitted charms are the real-time traffic update with the weather conditions displayed within the system.

The steering wheel is covered in leather for a strong grip and it has LED lights for an aesthetic purpose and more vision during the night. Safety issues have been resolved by including a blind spot monitor, a rear view camera, auto-braking system and a preclusion warning signal.

2018 BMW Urban Cross - interior

2018 BMW Urban Cross – Engine and Performance

The 2018 Urban Cross will be outfitted with a bigger engine compared to its previous predecessors and is expected to have an output of 450 hp and an expected three, four or six chambers with a double turbocharger. The injection system will improve fuel economy and the double clutch will take care of shifting gears so far. It will be able to gain a speed of 60 mph in around 4 seconds. The performance will be balanced along with the fuel economy and the acceleration will be its main attraction.

2018 BMW Urban Cross - rear

2018 BMW Urban Cross – Price and Release Date

There is no clear date released to the public as to when the 2018 BMW Urban Cross will be released but it is estimated at a price range between $30.000 and $32.000 with a release coming up in either the middle of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

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