2018 BMW X7 Review, Price

The BMW is a German manufacturing company which is known for its luxurious cars. Apart from its luxurious cars, it also produces Motorcycles, racing, and other sports cars. The German car makers are highly innovative and they always bring surprise to their customers by launching technologically influenced luxury cars. The BMW specifically has a high brand value among the customers for the implementation of its innovative and modern technologies. The company always reacts as per the needs and the interest of the customers based on the current trend. The US customers are now more interested in buying crossovers than Sedans. Taking that into account BMW Company has decided to launch an SUV.

The result of that decision is the BMW X7 which is expected to release in early 2018. It is an ultra-luxurious version for which the entire world is waiting. At New York Auto Show, BMW’s Chief has officially announced some features about the upcoming X7 SUV model. As per the announcement, a standard 7 seat models and a premium 4 seat model are the two variants which are expected to be released. These two variants of X7 SUV will definitely vary in their look and style. They have also mentioned that BMW X7 SUV will have some features similar to BMW X5 models but not the same. The following are the expected specification of BMW X7 SUV.

2018 BMW X7 - front

2018 BMW X7 – Exterior and Interior Look

The 2018 BMW X7 is going to join the family of SUV’s. The seating arrangement is of three rows where seven people can accommodate. It looks like a Bavarian school bus. The X7 is built with four wheels and has cutting edge connectivity and infotainment systems. The structure of the car has a light weight carbon fiber and it may resemble Rolls Royce SUV. The modern technology which is used inside BMW X7 2018 is still unknown but definitely, BMW will have more advanced and latest features inside the cabin. The X7 SUV is expected to have off-road capabilities.

2018 BMW X7 - interior

2018 BMW X7 – Engine and Performance

As per the blue print of 2018 BMW X7, it has an inline 6, V8 gasoline and diesel engines which will drive the wheels at a high speed. The X7 SUV supports 8-speed shiftable automatic transmissions. The BMW X5 has rear wheel drive but X7 SUV is going to have all wheel drive type. Some of the engine and performance features are related to BMW X5. These features may change in X7 SUV. As per the information provided by BMW, the engine is expected to have the V12 petrol engine. Still, many more interesting and advanced controls may be present inside the X7.

2018 BMW X7 - rear

2018 BMW X7 – Price and Release Date

As per the latest updates, 2018 BMW X7 is expected to be launched in early 2018. The starting price of 2018 BMW X7 may vary between $75,000 and $100,000. It will definitely be more luxurious than BMW X5. Many rumors are surrounding in the air regarding the X7 SUV model of BMW. The features and specification of X7 SUV still remain a mystery. The mystery can be resolved only after the official launch of 2018 BMW X7. Definitely, BMW X7 SUV will have more advanced controls and features than its previously launched models.
Hold on till 2018 for BMW’s surprise!

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