2018 Ford Eco Sport Specs, Release Date

The Ford Eco Sport is a sassy SUV packed full of extras. An SUV that oozes elegance in every way. Perfect size for navigating narrow streets and negotiating the every increasing potholes in the City. Power and efficiency are unmatched in any car this size. Safety features on this vehicle are a massive attraction for anyone who is considering and SUV of this size. A smooth and easy ride that screams luxury and comfort. With a chassis fabricated from a lightweight material, this SUV will be the zippiest thing on the road. The Ford Eco Sport will be introduced during 2017 but booking for test drives are already filling up. Don’t miss out! Book your test drive today and you will never look back.

2018 Ford Eco Sport - front

2018 Ford Eco Sport – Exterior and Interior Design

The 2018 Ford Eco Sport will sport a few minor design changes to enhance the beauty of the vehicle. A smaller bonnet has been introduced allowing a more sharp look to the vehicle. This Ford Eco Sport 2018 will be available in a choice of three trims. The interior of the vehicle takes on an entirely futuristic look and will be like nothing Ford has produced before. Chrome finishes lend to the futuristic feel. The instrument cluster is surrounded by chrome bars while the window buttons are capped in the same shiny finish. Leather trim will adorn the interior of the two models above the entry level model. Rumor has it that the interior will be sound proof. The 2018 Ford Eco Sport will comfortably seat five adults leaving enough boot space for the luggage that accompanies them. Build in navigation, park assists as well rearview camera to make this little gem a pleasure to drive. It may even drive you. Heated seats and a heated windscreen are perfect for frosty mornings or icy evenings and make your travels that much more enjoyable. All the bells and whistles are included on this one. A four-inch touch display, Bluetooth, USB, wifi hotspot…anything you could need in this age of technology. Enhanced seat belts and airbags are a real selling point on the 2018 Ford Eco Sport. And all that is just the interior.


The exterior of the 2018 Ford Eco Sport has had some remodeling and re-design work done to it which has really transformed the Eco Sport into a sassy and energetic SUV. Sporting five doors, this SUV is built for comfort. Depending on the trim level you decide on, the 2018 Eco Sport will run on either 15-inch steel wheels or 16-inch alloy wheels. The top of the range will come fitted with 18-inch alloy wheels. The front grille has been redesigned and consists of a more hexagonal shape than before. The three chrome bars within the grille complete the vehicle and tie up with the chromed interior finishes. The headlights and tail lights will sport LED technology. Automatic headlights and added new fog lights, as well as the “follow me home” headlights, make driving this baby at night, a dream. Silver roof racks for extra packing space are a must. This 2018 Ford Eco Sport will be going fishing, surfing, and bushwhacking so the additional packing space is required.

2018 Ford Eco Sport - interior

2018 Ford Eco Sport – Engine and Performance

Performance is without a doubt excellent on this little SUV. With a top speed ranging between 175 and 180 km/h (depending on the model), you can see why this little number is so zippy. 0-100 in approximately 12 seconds; simply fantastic for and SUV of this stature. Fuel consumption is excellent and perfect for the ever rising costs of fuel. Approximately 5-5.5-liters per 100km is truly a phenomenal consumption rate. A three-cylinder motor is what powers this little monster.

2018 Ford Eco Sport - rear

2018 Ford Eco Sport – Price and Release Date

The release date will be sometime in 2017 with the official date not yet provided. I think Ford will keep us hanging on until the very last moment with this one. Prices range from $19.230 right up to the $20.970 mark. But this is all dependent on the trim level you choose as well the motor size and of course whether or not the 2018 Ford Eco Sport is the entry-level version or top of the range. Extras will cost you but they are so worth the extra dollars spent. This will be the vehicle of 2018. The redesign has been key to the 2018 Ford Eco Sport and it is sure to blow you away.

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