2018 Ford Escape Price, New Features

The first model of smart SUV designed by Ford was presented many years ago. In 2000, this company revealed a new concept of practical and smart design. From that time, many things have changed. Performance has evolved and technology is different. One thing is certain. New 2018 Ford Escape has all characteristics of compact SUV that has a lot to offer. Let’s see the main features.

2018 Ford Escape front

2018 Ford Escape – New Features

Attractive design is a great advantage of this model and many will enjoy it. This Ford will be popular among different kinds of public. Both younger and older people will like the exterior because it is quite adventurous and safe at the same time. Some small changes have made when it comes to the shape of the lights. They are now a little bit longer and more functional. Grille is somewhat bigger and bumpers are coming in a different color. The overall design is robust but elegant and suitable for all generations.

Leather seats are always a comfortable solution. You can enjoy them when you travel inside 2018 Ford Escape. The cabin is big enough to easily seat five average persons and the feeling is cozy, just like in popular SUVs. The suspension system is included and a driver can experience safety at the highest level. There are cameras for rear view, which are very useful. Additional camera for parking will make every parking smooth, so you can completely enjoy all advantages of the car. Blind screen, entertainment system and sensors are also there to make you feel comfortable when driving.

2018 Ford Escape interior

2018 Ford Escape – Drivetrain

Some special kinds of engines are expected to be used in this model. Fist version is a 1.5-liter engine with 179 hp, which is already popular in some models. Another option is a powerful 2.5-liter alternative that is named EcoBoost with 168 hp. The third engine option is a 2.0-liter with 245 hp. All of these engines will be suited with a transmission of 6-speed that is transferred to all four wheels. These speculations are not yet confirmed, but possible engines will certainly be accompanied with the powerful design of the car. The strength and ability will be visible under the hood as well.

2018 Ford Escape rear

2018 Ford Escape – Price and Release Date

Most models that are coming out during 2018 will not see the roads before that year. This is situation with this model and people will have to wait in order to buy it. It is expected to see it at some car show during 2017, but it will hit the market in the first quarter of 2018. If you want the new model, some patience is needed. But waiting will certainly pay off. Basic solution comes with price tag of $24,500 and if you want additional features, the price might reach $32,500. In this case, you get more potent and efficient engine with more capabilities. New 2018 Ford Escape can be also advanced with all-wheel drive option for more control during the driving. Leather seats with adjustment are also included in higher price as well as automated parking possibility. This price range can compete with competition and characteristics of this 2018 Ford Escape are even better than similar models in many aspects. Buyers will certainly get the best for the price.

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