2018 Ford Everest Redesign, Price

Well If you are in the market for an XXL size SUV which offers you loads of road presence on the outside as well as a huge cabin on the inside. Then the new 2018 Ford Everest is the car you should check out. But is this car only about its Rear Wheel Drive as well as muscular styling or does it have more under the hood to shake the class leaders?

2018 Ford Everest - front

2018 Ford Everest – Exterior and Interior Redesign

The box-like shape on the outside with revised front hubs, revised primary drive shafts and gorgeous looks translate very nicely into a spacious boot. There is very minimum loading lip. It is a square shaped boot which makes it easy to push in those big boxes of luggage.

If you want to increase the capacity further then the boot offers 450 Litres/ 1050 Litres/ 2010 Litres of space as the seats are folded down. So,  with the last seat down there is a huge boot area and it is good enough for long and big airport transfers as well as house shifting duties. If you want to shift the entire neighbourhood with you then you can fold the second row of seats and that means you get over 2000 Litres of luggage carrying capacity.

At the last row of seats, the headroom and knee room is just about adequate. Surprisingly no other car in this segment offers this much headroom and knee room for the passengers of the third row. Also, you get your own cup holders at the back. The 2018 Everest is one of the few SUVs not only at this price point but many prices higher this segment, which offers you very good space at the third row for those long trips.

At the mid row of seats, the headroom and legroom are more than adequate. The best part about these seats is that you can slide them forward as well as backwards. Backrest angle can also be adjusted by the press of a single button. It’s pretty comfortable seats at the middle row of the 2018 Ford Everest.


Inside the cabin, it’s a nice place to be in. Although the terrain response system dial is eliminated and there is a space for a cup holder. Hill descent control is also not included in this model.These eliminations shave 4 percent of the total weight of this mammoth. This car comes with many accessories list which incorporates SYNC3 infotainment software on an 8-inch touchscreen.

Apart from that everything remains the same in the car as the previous model. The styling of the cabin is little bit copied from the Range Rover Discovery. It’s a good thing because the car feels very upmarket and sophisticated. The cabin feels very upmarket and posh. The seats are supreme on comfort as well as cushioning. And because you are sitting so high it gives the sense of confidence and purpose every time you take this car out for a spin.

2018 Ford Everest - interior

2018 Ford Everest – Engine and Performance

This car now comes in RWD with an engine option of 3.2-litres 143kw/470Nm 5 cylinder turbo diesel. The ground clearance is 225 mm. So there is no issue of low ground clearance while driving this massive engine. The gear box of this car is slow. There is a certain amount of lag in this car while driving it in the city. But the car becomes very responsible when it crosses the mark of 2000 RPM. It is a very responsible motor. But this engine loves to rev to its redline. The car gives a mileage of 21.8 mpg which makes the 2018 Ford Everest an easy maintenance and eco-friendly car.

Ride quality and chunky tyres of this car can drive over any bump and it will give a very pleasant ride. But truck like vibrations can be felt while driving if you are driving this 2018 Ford Everest. A small amount of body roll is also felt when the car is driven through sharp curves. Even long stretches of the highway can be driven very easily with a car. Small potholes really have no effect in the cabin when you drive 2018 Ford Everest on the roads.

The steering wheel is very responsive in this 2018 Ford Everest. The engagement of the steering wheel is very good. A lot of communication is offered from steering of 2018 Ford Everest as compared to the size of this car. It might not be straight away a driver’s car, although no SUV is a drivers car. But it is a car which offers you very good feedback from the steering wheels and also decent dynamics from the chassis. Refinement is really good. If you are sitting in 2nd or 3rd row then the diesel clatter won’t really be getting to you.

2018 Ford Everest - interior

2018 Ford Everest – Price and Release Date

The price of 2018 Ford Everest will start from $55,990. The new Ford Everest 2018 could be available at the beginning of 2018.
Overall it’s pretty good car. The noise vibrations and the harsh vibrations are well under control. Everest comes as the best SUV at this price point. It offers you massive road presence on the outside and reliable ride from the inside. It comes with many functions which are a class apart in its segment which makes it the best bet at this price point.

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