2018 Honda Crosstour Design, Price

The 2018 Honda Crosstour is a new vehicle which is claimed to be a combination of coupe cars and SUVs. Honda Crosstour will be introduced in the market with a brand new design having a better interior and enhanced features. With the base design similar as that of its older models, new features in terms of mechanical as well as visual aspects are decided to be introduced in this car. The 2018 Honda Crosstour is set to explicitly unique and one of a kind.

2018 Honda Crosstour - front

2018 Honda Crosstour – Exterior and Intrior Design

The biggest problem encountered by Honda Crosstour was its exterior design. Customers were not happy with it, in particular, therefore, the car is set to be released in 2018 with a completely different exterior. The 2018 Crosstour will be a lot bigger in its size as compared to its older models. New headlights have been designed to install in this 2018 model which resembles the headlights of Honda Civic. The car will be available in different color palettes such as pearl white, metallic silver and much more. This new model of Honda Crosstour has been predicted to be competitive because of its huge 18-inch alloy wheels.


The 2018 version of Honda Crosstour has also been subjected to different changes when it comes to the interior of the car. Crosstour has been designed to have leather-covered seat and a new system for high-quality audio. It will be able to establish a connectivity with smartphones. A feature of double air conditioning is also intended to be introduced in this 2018 model of Honda Crosstour.

2018 Honda Crosstour - interior

2018 Honda Crosstour – Engine and Performance

The 2018 model of Crosstour is designed to have a powerful engine with specifications of 2.4-liters DOHC 4-cylinder. With less information released by the company, it is expected that the car will have a total of 180 hp. The Honda Crosstour 2018 will have 5 to 6 gears with an auto transmission. The standard version of the car will have an option of 4-wheel driving.

The 2018 Honda Crosstour is also predicted to have a 3.5-liter SOHC powertrain producing 252 lb-ft and 278 hp of twisting. According to some leaks, this model of Crosstour might have a V6 drivetrain fitted which could impart the car a power of 250 hp.

2018 Honda Crosstour - rear

2018 Honda Crosstour – Price and Release Date

2018 Honda Crosstour is set to be released in the year 2018. There has not been any definitive prediction made about the price range of Honda Crosstour but it will have to keep its rate below $30000 to compete with its rival cars.

A development will be observed on all the sides just to make this version of 2018 Crosstour better in every aspect. Japanese companies are trying their best to introduce new features to provide it a high-end appearance. Both interior and exterior of Crosstour will have a sleek finish with better engine power.

The 2018 Honda Crosstour is all set to set the market to fire with its enhanced designs. There is a large group of customers already waiting for its release. So, the car can be predicted to be a big hit of 2018.

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