2018 Land Rover Discovery Specs, Price

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery is definitely on the cars to yet to be released definitely worth looking out for. After the smaller Discovery Sport was launched later last year – which was the first in the family of the Land Rover Discovery models – the 2018 Land Rover Discovery will be added to the list being second in the family.

2018 Land Rover Discovery - front

Let’s Check the 2018 Land Rover Discovery: Inside and Out

The design used in the making of this new model of the Land Rover vehicles lies around the aluminum platform. This is a similar kind of design used in the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover SUVs. The design is referred to as Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA). This kind of design ensures that the vehicle is light; much lighter than the LR4. The dashboard of the car is completely new. It features buttons and controls that have a completely new design. The vehicle is fitted with heating control and ventilated seats incorporated. The cabin also comprises of materials that are of better quality and that offer more luxury options. Part of that includes a better infotainment and a completely new navigation system. The gear selector comes as a rotating button.


The exterior design has no clear change. But from the shape, we can tell of a more dynamic vehicle. The hood is streamlined something that should improve the crossover efficiency of the vehicle. The New Platform shaves off about 100 kilograms of weight making the vehicle much lighter. The vehicle is expected to come with a new laser headlight system to scan the road surface and project the path to drive along.

2018 Land Rover Discovery - interior

2018 Land Rover Discovery – Engine and Performance

New engine options are expected to be added to the vehicle. Both petrol and diesel options can be expected. The engine is expected to be a 3.0-liter V6, supercharged engine. This engine should cover an extreme 380 hp to the vehicle. This is 40 hp more than the engine power of the dynamic model. The engines will come with a stronger engine power, which one expects that it will be accompanied by more fuel consumption. However, due to the light body that significantly reduces the weight of the car, the 2018 Land Rover Discovery is expected to use less fuel.

2018 Land Rover Discovery - rear

2018 Land Rover Discovery – Release Date and Price

The specific date in which the new model will be launched has not been announced yet. However, the insiders and specialist in the industry project that vehicle will be launched sometime in the year 2017 as a 2018 model. The price tag for the Land Rover Discovery 2018 has also not been announced. It is however projected that the cost of the vehicle should be around $38,000. The prototype released for the 2018 Land Rover Discovery shows more of a road-oriented vehicle. It is however expected that an off-road version of the vehicle will also be released. It is possible that the British manufacturers will bring in two Discovery models, one road-oriented and the other more suited for off-road driving.

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