2018 Lotus SUV Specs, Release Date

Are you looking for a fancy car to cater for your class standards? Are you tired of having the same old look over and over since time in the memorial? Do you have a problem riding and parking on designated driveways in your day-to-day life? You need to check this out. There is a way you can change the way your friends and colleague view or rate you. You no longer need to use caps when going for official meetings with your business partners or going for a friend’s party. You can acquire that courage and start to live in that look that you always portray when you are off that machine that drives you in and out of your working area or the company of your long-term friends.

2018 Lotus SUV - front

Let’s Check the 2018 Lotus SUV: Inside and Out

This new 2018 Lotus SUV is a small sized car that is designed with a very luxurious cab. It is dated to follow up in the release of the Bentley and the new Aston Martin, it is a five passengers car with much comfort especially to the driver and the front passenger. The strategy used in designing ensures that this car will suit your requirements to even years to come.


The 2018 Lotus SUV exterior is designed to fit the needs of a sports car. It comes with a variety of makes to ensure that you get that unique sense of drive anywhere and everywhere you go. With its different decoration of stripped colors for that special look. The 2018 Lotus SUV comes in hand with the long series of makes that are in the market for just one change look of a hybrid.

2018 Lotus SUV - interior

2018 Lotus SUV – Modification under the Hood

Whenever you think of an engine, I believe it drives you back to how fuel consumption is regulated and to what capacity per mileage ratio. This new make in the market has its engine divided into four parts to give you that favorable consumption. It was upgraded from the 3.5-liter V6 engine to 400 hp and 302-pound feet of torque. With such engine, you can agree with me that it will suit your needs and still save you money in terms of fuel and refilling hustles. Again, you do not have to keep stopping to the mechanical shops for maintenance as often as you are used to. The Lotus SUV is designed in a way that you can drive and cover a very long distance without any mechanical breakdown.

2018 Lotus SUV - rear

2018 Lotus SUV – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The Lotus company no longer keeps there make as a secret. The company CEO Jean-Marc Gales has been repeatedly speaking of the companies plan to release this new machine to its mass-market model. The said car is to be released by the year 2019. There are speculations on the cost of the 2018 Lotus SUV. The speculations have different views due the diversity of ideas in the features of the Lotus SUV 2018. This ranges from at least $100,000 to $150,000. However this speculations may turn out to be accurate therefore making it affordable.

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