2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV Specs, Price

For car shoppers who are looking for a mid-sized SUV, enough to take the whole family on a weekend trip, probably, this could be some of the biggest news to them. News reaching our desk indicates that the next mid-size Subaru Seven Seater will bow in 2018. Subaru having chosen not to give us a competitive SUV for years, this has been seen as an effort by the company to widen its grip on the market and see its sales go up once again. As we wait for the official release, here is what we are likely to see on the upcoming 2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV.

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV - front

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV – Exterior and Interior Design

We are going to see come radical changes on the outer body. The car length is going to be increased and the car will be built on a completely new platform. The rear wheelbase is also going to be extended in order to take up the third row. The front and read bumpers are going to be modified and for that sport look, we will see whole new roof rails also added. As if that is not even enough; both the tail and head light are going to be fitted with LED lighting for better visibility.


A glimpse of the cabin speaks volume; what we know for sure is that the new 2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV will comfortably accommodate 7 people and in light of that, a lot of work is going to go into the construction of the inside. The cabin is going to be made spacious and comfortable, as well. The seats will come fully complete with genuine leather and for the much-needed comfort they are also going to be ergonomically arranged. On the features and technology side of things; a good number goodies will be added for the satisfaction and convenience of the travelers. For example, the new 2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV will be fitted with a whole new infotainment system, as well as, a navigation system.

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV - interior

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV – Engine and Performance

The 2018 Subaru SUV is still in its early development stage and it is not easy to tell the exact engine it will come with. However, according to rumors milling around, we could actually see the standard come with fully equipped with a 2.5-liter engine with 4 cylinders that can produce a power output of around 300 hp and 290-pound feet of torque. It is the same engine that has been used before, but the only difference is that it is a turbocharged engine. In other news, there is another possible engine for the Subaru 7 Seater 2018. We could also see a 3.6-liter V6 engine that can churn out 256 hp and 256-pound feet of torque.

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV - side

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV – Price and Release Date

Considering the new 2018 Subaru 7 Seater is still a couple of months away before we finally see it on our roads, the company has not made anything about the price and release date official. According to our sources, though, the long awaited 2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV is expected to be made available somewhere in the middle of 2017. As for the price, shoppers should expect to see the 2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV sale at around $36,000.

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