2018 VW Polo SUV Changes, Release Date

We are ready to introduce you to the already sophisticated and luxurious Volkswagen, the 2018 VW Polo SUV. This new SUV will be competing with the Ecosport and be based on the MQB A0 platform. If you stand back and have a look at it, it has comfortable seats and adequate space all the way to the rear end. Most people must be looking forward to this explosive launch all the way from German; this car is the sixth generation of the Polo and has been rendered by AutoPista.

2018 VW Polo SUV - front

2018 VW Polo SUV – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

When we think about the 2018 VW Polo SUV, the thought that comes to our mind is the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. This 2018 Volkswagen Polo has a convertible option, all the better hence suitable for the developed market and slowly creeping into the developing market. Exterior wise, the 2018 VW Polo SUV has daylight running LEDs and a headlamp; it also has a large front grille to make it more SUV-like. There are skid plates on the lower front and on the back bumper. The bonnet is flat and if you look at it from the side, it comprises of metal and a small glass area with only two doors. It has a length of 4133mm, 1798mm of width, 1563mm and a wheelbase of 2565mm with 19-inch wheels.


Depending on the exterior color, the interior is black with dual tones of the body color. It has a three-spoke steering wheel and a LED screen, which is similar to the one found at the mid-console. Do you want to hear more about this car’s technology? The gear has been replaced with a touch screen, it has an air-con vent and a start-stop system. As it was mentioned before about the car having adequate space, this is due to the four-door version which gives it a longer wheelbase, plus it has a very large boot space of about 300 liters.

2018 VW Polo SUV - interior

2018 VW Polo SUV – Modification under the Hood

The 2018 VW Polo SUV has a 1.0-liter of petrol capacity that operates about 108 bhp of power and 175 Nm of torsion with a seven-speed DSG. Although, other engines hold up to 1.5/1.6-liters with a 108 bhp power level, but we are looking forward to the transformation. The engine runs from 0 to 100km/hr in 10.3 seconds, its top speed so far is 115 mph. The 2018 Polo has an option to run as either on front-wheel or as an all-wheel car, but as compared to other cars this SUV has more engine modifications, the difference with another SUV type vehicle is not that big.

2018 VW Polo SUV - side

2018 VW Polo SUV – Price and Expected Release Date

The release date is set to be around the mid-2017, although it will first be launched in Europe. Its starting price will be around $30000 so as to attract customers, but the price is more likely going to increase as it gains more popularity in the market. In conclusion, the  VW Polo 2018 is on fire. You should probably start saving so as to get it; it is phenomenal, unique and colorful. Oh! Do not forget the interior such a wonder to look at.

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