Mercedes GLC 2018 Review, Price

With Mercedes GLC class having a sleek design that is both beautiful and high class, the market greatly awaits for the Mercedes GLC 2018 that is expected to hit the market in the near future. The prototypes of this car show that this vehicle still maintains the sleek design of its predecessor, but it incorporates changes that will enable it to be more active as it has an improved level of performance, even though it still resembles its predecessor. This means that only minor changes have been made on its exterior and interior, with its exterior being expected to look a bit different as a result of changes done on its engine.

Mercedes GLC 2018 - front

Mercedes GLC 2018 – Exterior Body Styles and Interior Changes

As expected with the Mercedes GLC class vehicles, this car has a very sleek design, and it appears to be more attractive and smooth as compared to its predecessor. This means that only minor changes are visible from the outside. This car, however, appears to be a bit bigger in length and wideness, presenting the customers with an extra 4.7 inches and 2.0 inches in length and wideness respectively. Despite this, the material used for the body is much lighter as compared to the previous model of this car.

Other exterior specification of this car includes daytime led lights and high-quality fog lights which are clearly visible from the front side of this car. Still, on the front side, you can clearly tell that this is a high-class car as the Mercedes GLC 2018 has a well-shaped grille and front bumpers. From the way the car is designed at the front side, you can also tell that the car will be taking in a lot of air.

Looking at the interior of this car, you can expect a lot of comfort from the seats and all the tech features that this car will have. These will include, Mercedes command interface, a media player interface, a rearview camera and others. The will also include a lot of high-quality features to enable it to guarantee the security of the users. Further, the car will have a lot of cabin space and hence it is expected to serve quite a huge range of customers.

Mercedes GLC 2018 - interior

Mercedes GLC 2018 – Powerful Engine and Performance

If you are going to be one of the buyers of the Mercedes GLC 2018, you can expect to have a four-cylinder 2-litre engine, under the hood of this 2018 GLC, this engine is capable of generating 241 hp at 5500 rpm. This power is expected to run a 9-speed shiftable automatic system which will enable the car to run at a top speed of about 130 mph with an acceleration of up to 6omph within 6 seconds.

Mercedes GLC 2018 - rear

Mercedes GLC 2018 – Expected MSRP and Availability

With the manufacturer of the Mercedes GLC 2018 being a little quiet about the specific release date of this authentic vehicle, several credible sources believe that the car will hit the market by late 2017. The 2018 Mercedes GLC is also expected to retail at about $40,000 making it quite a classy vehicle.

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