Subaru Three Row SUV Specs, Price

The Subaru is among the top Japanese car makers that have become popular globally owing to their value for money offerings. Along with preparing the much touted 2017 Impreza, the company is also gearing up to launch a new Subaru Three Row SUV. The latter will start selling in 2018. It will be manufactured in the company’s Indiana plant and based on a new platform, as per industry buzz. The naming is not finalized but three names doing the round in online rumor sites are Venterra, Sojourn, and Cypress. The Tribeca was never really popular and the company ceased production in 2014 for global markets.

Subaru Three-Row SUV - front

Subaru Three Row SUV – Body and Designs

The upcoming Subaru Three Row SUV is meant for replacing the retired model Tribeca. Switching to the new global platform will help Subaru in keeping production cost down which will translate into benefit for the buyers. The model will be bigger than the Tribeca. Despite having the bigger size, the model is likely to be quite lightweight. The new architecture means the upcoming Subaru 3-Row crossover will have a spacious cabin. It will likely have the capacity to accommodate 7 adult passengers. The major drawback of the Tribeca was a cramped third row of seats. It is likely to have in cabin amenities like air conditioning, navigation, seat adjustment options etc. Given the fact, it is a large sized SUV crossover, the Subaru Three-Row SUV will be equipped with the latest safety features and entertainment options. Safety features like seatbelts, airbags are standard and more alerts for collision and traffic are likely to be offered.

Subaru Three Row SUV - interior

Subaru Three Row SUV – Powerful Engine and Performance

Details of the Subaru Three Row SUV engine architecture are not known. However, it will be powered by Subaru’s famous boxer engine and AWD. Multiple drive trains is a possibility with Subaru going for a hybrid setup too. There can be a 2.4-liter engine generating 350 hp though Subaru has not said anything officially. However, fuel economy will be one of the strong points of the power train used in this Subaru Three-Row SUV.

Subaru Three Row SUV - side

Subaru Three Row SUV –  Pricing and Availability

The exact timing of the launch of the Subaru Three Row SUV is not known but it could be early 2018. Pricing is yet to be announced by the company. It will be aimed at the US and other important markets, said Subaru. It will be manufactured primarily at Indiana and based on sales and response, production may begin at other plants of the company. While the details on the upcoming Subaru Three Row SUV are still to be confirmed, it seems to be a promising contender in its segment. The old Tribeca that did not catch up with buyers needed a worthy replacement. The switchover to new global platform makes sense for Subaru for the successor as does making the vehicle bigger for the third row. Subaru has also paid attention on fuel economy, aerodynamics and ride quality. A lot will depend on the final pricing of the model. However, even with the strengths, the upcoming model will face competition upon release. It will be pitted against contenders like Mazda CX-9, Hyundai Santa Fe, Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Territory.

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