Toyota Venza 2018 Review, Price

The new Toyota Venza 2018 is meant to be an average sized, every-day vehicle affordable to a common family or individual. With its modern look and its powerful engine it catches the sole essence of a good family car, while providing a comfortable or sporty performance when needed. In comparison to its previous version, 2018 one is quite more compact, reliable and better built, which makes it a good solution for an average-income customer.

Toyota Venza 2018 - front

Toyota Venza 2018 – Exterior and Interior Review

Toyota decided to redesign the 2017 model and added a whole new look to the vehicle. From the outside, it is much smaller, while the inside remains the same size, with lots of spare room to it. The 2018 Venza is equipped with folding mirrors, a shiny front grill, alloy wheels, a rear spoiler and well-designed bumpers, headlights and taillights. The Toyota Venza 2018, with its lines and curves, looks like an aggressive, modern midsize SUV but feels calm, tame and quite comfortable while driving it on an everyday basis.


It didn’t fail on the interior field either – the inside itself feels luxurious and large, it can easily fit five passengers, the back has lots of leg room and the panels are well built. The car is equipped with a panoramic roof, adjustable leather seats the color of chocolate, cruise control, a rearview camera, touch screen controls, a dual channel AC unit, a high-quality audio player, an easy-to-use navigation system and many more optional and basic features, all while supporting Bluetooth and WiFi technologies. It has lots of safety features as well, including airbags, automatic high beams, and electronic brakes. The colors it comes in include, but are not limited to a white, business style color (“Blizzard Pearl”), a gray and a black metallic pattern and a shade of a Sequoia-like medium brown.

Toyota Venza 2018 - interior

Toyota Venza 2018 – Engine and Performance

What makes a car great is its engine, and Toyota surely managed to pull it off when building the 2018 model.The Toyota Venza 2018 comes with a choice of two types of engines:

1. a 2.0-liter four cylinder engine producing up to 180 hp and delivering 181 pounds per feet of torque( 5800 RPM);
2. a3.5-literr V6 engine capable of pulling 268 hp and 246 pounds per feet of torque (6200 RPM).

The 2018 Toyota Venza comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. And  is available in standard front wheel drive, as well as optional four-wheel drive. It accelerates from 0 to 60 in 6.7 seconds. Which makes it much easier and more safe for the driver to overtake, all while lowering the fuel consumption of the car.

While driving it, the vehicle feels secure. The tires have great grip on the road, making it stable while going fast on a straight line. And giving the driver more control over the car while leaning into a corner.

The fuel consumption, on the other hand, is quite moderate. Ranging from 19 MPG in the city to 26 MPG on the highway with an overall average of 22 MPG. It simply adjusts to its driver’s needs – whether it’s being used as a slow, city car or a fast highway cruiser. The Toyota Venza 2018 will provide the most appropriate solution.

Toyota Venza 2018 - side

Toyota Venza 2018 – Price and Release Date

When it comes to pricing, the car starts at just $30.000 for the basic model. But expands according to the optional extras the customer wants to have – the 2.7 liter, four wheel drive version starts at $33.000,00. While the V6 four-wheel drive starts at around $33.850. The fully equipped version of the Toyota Venza 2018, starts at $40.000. It is set to be released in the early quarter of 2018.

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