2018 Land Rover LR5 Design, Release Date

Traditionally, SUVs are vehicles meant for mad adventure junkies, but when brand-new, sporty and luxurious models like 2018 Land Rover LR5 come into play, more ought to be said. Well, let’s review one of them. As if 2018 isn’t going to be better in the car industry, 2018 Land Rover LR5 and its sheer flair of elegance, grandeur and classy touch are here, again. It is a product of 27 years of existential transformation buoyed by a perfect combination of technology and ‘off-roading’ capabilities. Indeed it’s a go-anywhere’ beast suitable for those looking to tour great distances in luxuriant opulence.

You’ll need its extreme capability, especially when you require a machine that cuts through snow, sleet, hail and rain or high winds and steep dunes without a sigh. Straight off, this 2018 LR5 is something of a prototype to 2014’s Discovery Vision and replaces the ruggedly styled LR4. Again, its body feature an aesthetically designed exterior and interior and performs just as much as a modern-day land rover could do.

2018 Land Rover LR5 - front

2018 Land Rover LR5 – Exterior and Interior Design

With noteworthy features being tail lamps, front grille, and LED daytime running lights, this 5th generation Land Rover Discovery SUV is very different from the outgoing model. It comes in an elegant aluminium exterior uni-body platform for a lightweight body design. That equals stellar aerodynamic performance and fuel economy. And even though it is a giant on the road, it doesn’t perform dismally when it faces stiff hurdles, perhaps because of it real off-roader aluminium alloy wheels.


Its interior feature a dominant big touchscreen infotainment system, a luxurious space and a seven-seat comfort pack made of fine leather. All the seats are heated individually not to mention the wifi hotspot system, six USB ports and further 12-volt chargers all built-in. And of all the features inside this 2018 Land Rover LR5, the most incredible ones are the power-folding seats. That can also be controlled by a smartphone. Other equally amazing interior features comprise Satellite navigation system, automatic climate control. And premium air conditioner as well as safety and driver assistance equipment.

2018 Land Rover LR5 - interior

2018 Land Rover LR5 – Engine and Performance

Its ardent lovers in the US will have a chance to buy either gasoline or a diesel engine option. This means 2018 Land Rover LR5 will arrive in two powertrain options. The first of its supercharged V6 gas engine will be 340 hp, and 332 lb-ft of torque. The V6 diesel counterpart will yield 254 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. Of great importance, however, is the fact that both engines pair an 8-speed automatic transmission system and thus a powerful thrust and performance.

2018 Land Rover LR5 - rear

2018 Land Rover LR5 – Price and Release Date

It’s obvious that compared to its peers, most notably Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. This SUV is a monster on the road. And, that’s why the aura of anticipation amongst those looking to buy it is building up as days continue. But it is highly suspected that the Land Rover LR5 2018 will retail starting at $73,950. High-end First Edition model and $49,990 for a base SE model. It is highly probable that it will be out before the end of 2017.

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